Holy crap Sylvia’s father really was nuts, wasn’t he? What a pity he’s dead now, heh. So with that bit of background from Sylvia’s past, we are winding down now for the year as we deal with the Holiday season. This is my first Xmas living in America & the wife & I are going to be pretty busy for this month so the comic won’t be returning until January. While I’m not too happy about the continued breaks it is looking like Chapter 2 is on course for wrapping up this coming March. Once chapter 2 is finished work is going to be ramping up on our other projects, including the Illustrated edition of Bram Stokers Dracula we have planned for Halloween 2018. For more information on that be sure to follow us on social media at  Twitter or Instagram Thank you all for sticking with us for this year of making Heirs, its been quite an interesting ride & we look forward to making 2018 an even more interesting one! Happy Holidays!