Hey guys so quick heads up about where things are going with the future of this comic. At the moment we are hard at work on scripting the 3rd chapter, as well as drawing & coloring the next few pages of Chapter 2. There are some early versions of the art upon our Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/lunarblazestudios However we plan on taking a break for the following month to not only recover from the long convention season, but also to give the following scenes some much-needed polish. While we do the best we can with the comic, the recent set up has been less than ideal in some cases & the quality of art has fallen a little short of what we expect. So, this Halloween we plan on returning with fresh energy & a sharper look, time will tell if we can pull that off. In the meantime, we will be keeping everyone up to date on what we are working on alongside Heirs to the throne on our various social media listed in the top right of the page, as well as our previously mentioned patreon. That’s it for now, thanks for all the support & suggestions you guys have sent in so far, we really appreciate it & we look forward to bringing you the rest of this sordid tale of Dragons & their lust for money soon!030c