For those who picked up chapter 1 on gumroad when we released it a few weeks ago you probably noticed we tweaked the color of the last few pages to give a more nighttime feel to the main hall, it just didn’t seem to fit with the previous lighting. We are just in the process of editing the pdf file so it’s up to date. Another change we may make is tweaking some of the text in this last page, it just doesn’t seem to flow right.

As for Chapter 2 etc that will have to wait until mid to late April, right now all our attention & focus is on me moving to America, there’s still quite a lot of things to address, switching bank accounts, shutting off direct debits, putting things into storage etc. Dont worry about things dying off here, we will continue sharing concept art, WIP designs & other materials¬†over the next month or so as Chapter 2 is in development. Thanks to you all for reading through the story so far, we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we did making it, & that your as excited as we are for what comes next!